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Ep. 130: Marriage Wasn’t Made To Made You Happy…

We know this podcast’s title steps on a few ‘toes’.
But that’s OK when, in the end, there’s a clearer perspective about the ONE thing that has so many searching to get it ‘right.’
Yet, all along, the answer is right in front of us.

In THIS episode of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, episode #130, we’re debunking one of the GREATEST misconceptions about marriage and empire-building that has severed so many unions…or at least has folks focusing on the fake target.

We’re curious to what you have to say about it…so hit us up! (either reply to this email or over on IG, tag us in your stories @MarriedpreneurLife

Here’s to living powerfully and profitably in sync,

P.S. It’s December, and Jan is right around the corner! We’ve been solidifying some AMAZING things for 2020 (but all that support the life we desire to lead). It’s a work in progress but we encourage you guys to stay with it. Even when it seems useless, keep going and LEARN from the journey! We’re rooting for you!👊🏽


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