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Ep. 127 The Jacksons: From 74 Cents To A Family Empire

If you or a loved one has ever experienced addiction, you KNOW it can be a rough road to break through and freedom.
 People often say that is the end of the road, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be!
This episode of Marriedpreneur Life podcast is here to encourage you on your journey of building no matter WHERE your starting place is!
Thank God where you start never dictates where you end up!
Today we’re sharing an amazing story of our clients (and now friends) that we haven’t shared before. The Jackson’s, the founders of Live in Peace, not only have a beautiful story of redemption, but they now live their lives in peace and pave the way for others as they build out their family empire!
You can’t help but be inspired by their journey!
It goes to show you what is actually possible when God steps in and two people walk in forgiveness and grace with each other. The Jacksons share how they now have added a new layer to their empire; real estate. Stay tuned because we believe they are just getting started!
Here’s to living powerfully and profitably in sync,