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Ep. 126: How To Go Viral Without Social Media with Dr. Wright

We have a secret, guys, but it won’t be a secret very long…no, we’re not pregnant (yet). : )


But we have a special guest today on The Marriedpreneur Life podcast who is the Media Queen because her show has lasted for nearly two decades! 

Annnd, she’s sharing all of her golden secrets with us at Marriedpreneur LIVE! in a few days (crazy how fast time flies, right?)


As I was saying, in THIS episode she’s giving some AMAZING insight about taking your message to the masses (…no, forreal).

She shares one of THE biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to partnering with the media…it’s not what you think either. 

Check it out and be inspired and motivated to get your vision in front of those who are already seeking you out!

It’s amazing!


Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

P.s. Just a few days away from the EPIC Marriedpreneur LIVE! When we say LIVES + LEGACIES will be transformed…we mean it! Ask about our last sponsored seat by emailing


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