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Ep. 124: Playing BIG got me fired! Play BIG anyway!!

If you’ve ever been unexpectedly fired from a job, you can relate to the varying emotions felt. Anything from sadness to anger to disbelief… it’s crazy.
That’s exactly what happened when I (O.L.) got fired from my last 9-5 in the banking industry. I had just gotten a huge client (a hospital) that my superiors were working on for over a year with no avail. Then the new kid came in and got a conversation.
Then, I was dismissed.
Pretty crazy right? Well, my wife, being the amazing woman she is, encouraged me along the way, and you won’t believe what happened the SAME day.
In episode 124 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, we’re taking you behind the scenes once again to see the three major lessons learned in corporate for entrepreneurs.
This is a GREAT episode for any spousal-preneur couple who is seeking to become a couple-preneur. Or if you’re just new to this journey all together and needing some serious motivation…take a quick listen.
Here’s to living powerfully in sync,
P.S. Marriedpreneur LIVE! is in a little over a week away, and we are stoked to have couples come mastermind with us for 2020. We actually have one more sponsored seat available too thanks to our gracious partners ($900 off!!). Just email as us at and tell us about your BIG family empire vision to be considered. Yes, both spouses must be in attendance.
P.P.S Definitions of Marriedpreneur Types:
🎯Indie-preneurs: Both spouses working individual businesses.
🎯Spousal-preneurs: One spouse working a 9-5 while the other works as an entrepreneur
🎯Couple-preneurs: Both spouses work in the same business together.