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Ep. 122: Influencer Interview Series with Gerald and Patrice Washington

If you’ve ever seen Steve Harvey on TV, you’ve seen the work of his genius team that supports his brand and business ventures. 


Have you ever wondered what kind of people are actually behind such household names?

Well, this week we are bringing you a power couple that has not only worked behind the scenes but also in front of the scenes of such names as Steve Harvey and now are making waves with their own family empire. 


Meet Patrice and Gerald Washington.

They are as down to earth and rich in experiences as they come!


In this episode, they’re sharing how they manage their multi-seven figure empire by never chasing money but purpose instead. 


You’ll also hear how they keep their marriage first even when Patrice had to fire Gerald from her business. You don’t want to miss the gold in this interview. 

So practical and so powerful.


Here’s to living powerfully in sync,


P.s. Patrice and Gerald are now working full time in entrepreneurship supporting each other’s dreams along the way. These skills can take YEARS to accomplish, so if you and your spouse feel the call to go all-in with building your family empire, be sure to catch your seats to Marriedpreneur LIVE! in just a few weeks. Your lives will NEVER be the same… Check out the details here.


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