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Ep. 12: Managing Distractions At Work


Managing distractions at work (and every other part of your life) is what we’re diving into in this episode of Marriedpreneur Life podcast.

We know from experience how crazy schedules can get and if were aren’t mindful, we’ll find ourselves doing tasks that we really have no business doing because it isn’t the best use of our time. Too often, distractions come from someone else’s poor planning (or even our own – but that’s for another episode…)

So, today, we’re confronting the TOP time-snatchin’ ways we’ve left open to clutter our desks and our lives (not to mention the ever-present digital distractions lurking around each corner). We’re sharing practical yet powerful methods that have allowed us to control our time by stream lining the things that really matter – like more time together.

Take a listen if you’ve ever felt as if there simply isn’t enough time in the day to carve out making memories while making money>>>the marriedpreneur way.

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