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Ep. 118: Influencer Interview Series with Ty and Cody Roberson

We all know how FRUSTRATING it can be to have a BIG vision and yet lack the steps to walk it out…
You’re not alone.
Meet Ty and Cody Roberson who when they first met us, they were struggling with insufficient systems and broken messaging. In short, they needed clarity.
They invested in our coaching because they knew there was more for them to do with their business. (Mind you, they both work full-time jobs, but that doesn’t stop them from moving forward with building their empire while their jobs fund their ventures).
So, back to Ty and Cody.
Their focus was initially coaching blended families on how thrive. We helped them implement their systems for lead gen, on and offline strategies, building their value ladder and clarifying their messaging.
Fast forward. Once they got clarity on their coaching, they realized that the bigger picture was to reach the masses with their message for thriving families. Their next step was to build a TV Network around their message as the focal point of their family empire! It’s pretty amazing too!
We are now walking them through the many phases of their launches and growth plan. We decided to interview them so they can share their experience of how working with us has equipped them to build something so much larger than themselves. We can’t WAIT for you to be inspired by their story.
If you have ever felt a bit stuck in your Family Empire plan, and you wish you had the steps to break through all of the distractions and really focus on your sweet spot as a family, take a listen to their story on episode #118 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, and then go grab your tickets to Marriedpreneur LIVE! so you can experience the SAME breakthrough!
Here’s to living profitably in sync,
P.S. You’re only ONE strategy away. The vision you see on the inside IS possible and doable! Be encouraged and get in position to WIN together in 2020!