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Ep. 117: Dogmatic Dreaming

It went against our family rules.
We were having our ‘rest day’ and the hubby’s phone KEPT blowing up!
At first he didn’t tell me.
But after a while, he needed support to stay accountable to our ‘dream’ path.
The thing about the dream is we have to INTENTIONAL about protecting it…even from ourselves..
So, come to find out, one of his newest commercial real estate clients had an emergency and needed his help. We talked it over and decided to give them a call but NOT to get caught up in the ‘rat race’.
He wanted to let them know that he heard them and he would be following up soon (after our time of rest).
He later confessed that it was one of the hardest things he has done in a while, but he KNEW he couldn’t start pushing the ‘cone’ back.
So he made a decision, and it is paying off big time.
You see, too many marriedpreneurs feel hopeless when it comes to telling their time where to go and how it will be allocated. But ‘time’ is OUR gift, and it’s up to us to steward it well.
HOWEVER (comma) this is hardly EVER easy.
So, in episode #117 we’re talking about simple steps we use in our marriage and business to help us live out the dream we’ve always imagined…we’re in a stage of it and so are you!
Take a listen to the 3 practical steps we share that you can apply TODAY!
It’s a reaallly good episode too!
Here’s to living powerfully in sync,
P.S. If you have an issue seeing REAL progress in your family empire and you’re seeking systems to shut out the noise and focus in on the ‘gold’ you have to offer, we’d be honored to mentor you to the other side of that holding pattern. We’ll show you how to catapult before you leave the room! It’s all going down at Marriedpreneur LIVE! Mastermind!