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Ep. 115: No Wasted Experiences

Hey fam,

It’s O.L. here today.

I remember at one time in our business we were working and planning diligently on doing a brand new webinar. 

This may seem simple and like it was no big deal, but the truth is, we were hoping for the success of this webinar as this was to be a major financial stream.

At any rate, we did all of the necessary preparations and positioning to see success with the webinar.  

We invested heavily. We studied (all of the coaching  material we had at the time) and we implemented as prescribed.  

I’ll never forget that evening as we silenced the whole house and locked ourselves in the office.  We double and triple checked all of the slides and even bought an ethernet adapter to plug directly to the modem in order to maintain steady internet.  

After much calculated preparation, consistent reminder emails to the many people who signed to be on the  webinar, we got hit with something Sway nor I expected.

We started the webinar and after 15min in… there was no one on.  It was as if we were talking to a virtual brick wall.

We pushed through it, but we were completely deflated.  This was one of the rare times we both became discouraged and got to  a low point ready to quit.

After a week or two of trying to figure life out, we sluggishly got back into the driver’s seat.  It felt as if we were starting completely over with nothing. It felt as though we were starting from zero (and in this case from a deficit).  It was as if we never read a book or invested in a coaching program for marketers and high level entrepreneurs (as we had).

Great coaching matters, and it will absolutely catapult your business, BUT we needed something intangible.  We needed that unique kind of wisdom that can only come from experience. Yep, I’m simply saying we needed to fail in obscurity in order to reflect on all of our previous experiences then incorporate them.  Plus, we just needed to get mentally tougher.

We were forced to add up and tap into all of our past experiences and realize that we weren’t starting from zero because ALL wisdom is portable.

You may not be where we were then (or maybe you are…). But one thing we’ve learned while building businesses on  and offline that there are PLENTY or new starts but, they all can build on the last lesson. 

One of the biggest regrets that we didn’t fully have a grasp on back then was having a sustainable system that worked REGARDLESS of what we were adding. But you don’t know what you don’t know…and that CAN cost you.

Dive into Episode 115 to hear how to keep building even if you’re restarting.