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Ep. 113: Why Q4 Meeting With Your Spouse Is The Most Crucial



We would sit on our hardwood floor in our living room  (that had barely any furniture, mind you) to strategically plan out our goals together. We didn’t have a roadmap for married entrepreneurs, so we created it ourselves. 

We’d sit there for hours planning out the 4 quarters and all of the launches we would do and help each other with. (There was no Marriedpreneur Life at that time…just two entrepreneurs trying to make sense out of all of our dreams, ideas and goals). 

We didn’t have a whiteboard, but we taped together 4 sheets of white, printer paper landscaped. Then, we had multi-colored post it notes to easily identify which actioned belonged to who. 

It was a sight!

An overwhelming sight!

Thankfully we’ve come a long way since that time. 

Today, we understand MORE than ever how critical our Q4 meeting is to the success of our NEXT year!

That’s right.

Take a listen to episode #113 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast and get in proper position to crush Q4 TOGETHER (regardless of who the entrepreneur is). Let the momentum start your 2020 off with the wind behind you!

We also share an easy Q4 template to follow. It’s always better to have a model versus trying to go at in on your own..right? 

You’re welcome!

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

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