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Ep. 112: 3 Hacks To Guarding Your Marriage From Your Business

On the outside, things appeared cool, calm and collected.

But on the INSIDE, we knew we had to make a decision about what to do next.

You see, last week we launched our live event, in the MIDDLE of preparing for a huge  event at church, at the SAME time closing some major commercial real estate deals, and SIMULTANEOUSLY  launching our new Marriedpreneur Masterclass FB Live Series…


You see, we made a choice starting this journey that we would give it our all and not back down in fear. We ALSO, made a vow to protect our marriage at the same time. 

We’ve done both.

What we DIDN’T tell you is that even with the aforementioned activities in order to keep our promise, we closed a coaching program, we cancelled some elements from the Sunday service, we intentionally left out ‘important’ items in our new series. BUT the MAIN thing is, we managed to still have date night even though other areas were left ‘undone’. We weren’t undone…that’s what really counts. 

It’s NOT always easy to blend the different worlds together and be PROFITABLE while doing it. However, it IS DOABLE and exciting when you have the right growth systems in place. The first one being your vision of where you two are going.

Sounds simple, but it makes a HUGE difference once you have that clarity. 

It actually dictates how you make future decisions. 

We touched on this in our very first Marriedpreneur Masterclass on Friday… we went into detail on the 3 phases of building a family empire. Do you know which phase you’re in and what comes next? 


P.S. While you’re at it, check out episode 112 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast where we share about molding our path based on where we desire to be vs. allowing it to mold us. Take a listen here