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Ep. 111: Marriedpreneur LIVE! and how to FAITH-walk

We pulled up to the airport CONFIDENT that everything would go smoothly until I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Hopped in an Uber and went 15 min to go get it, but THEN it got crazier…

I couldn’t believe the ONE time I asked my husband to make our plane reservations he bought our tickets with the right date BUT the wrong MONTH!😳

All of this actually was sign of a deeper issue. 

We were busy experimenting with each of us doing what the other person normally does when we ALREADY had a great system down…

This same principle impacts how married entrepreneurs build together. 

Very unique systems and strategies are required to do it TOGETHER!

The right systems will grow our business. 
The right systems will protect your time.
The right systems will position you two to have a bigger impact.
The right systems will increase your revenue.
The right systems will do this and SO much more!

This is why we created a customized event where Married Entrepreneurs could learn and implement systems that will change the trajectory and speed of getting results!

Stay tuned! The doors are opening for Marriedpreneur LIVE!

And we’re sharing how you can use the SAME systems to transform your family empire!

Take a listen and hop on the waitlist at