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Ep. 109: Influencer Interview Series with Deon and Bridgett Reed

Deon FIRED his wife Bridgette from the family business when they first started on their marriedpreneur journey.  (Bridgett likes to say she ‘resigned’ though). LOL.

Sometimes we go into the marriedpreneur journey a bit disillusioned thinking that because we may be on different pages, we’ve allowed a seed of doubt to enter in.

On episode #109 of the Marriepreneur Life podcast, we’re sharing an amazing story of rebuilding and launching multiple businesses together.

Their story is FULL of HOPE ya’ll!

The Reeds are also sharing a POWERFUL, practical way to stay engaged in marriage in BETWEEN those date nights…👀

It’s a great habit that will help you to intentionally focus on your marriage each day.

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

OL and Sway

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