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Ep. 108: Is it REALLY skill or COURAGE that you need?



How many times do we look for a solution and become frustrated when we don’t find it? 


Could it be that SOME of those times we are called to go and BUILD the solution we’ve been seeking?

This is often how it works out for us in the Buckley home. 

Being a trailblazer and legacy-builder requires some unique skills, though. 

Of course, more than anything, this requires COURAGE!

Courage to try it and be ok with it NOT being perfect out the gate. 

Courage to create something that you’ve never seen but likely will be a solution for TONS of others.

That’s what we’re doing with our brand new LIVE event for Married Entrepreneurs! It’s been YEARS in the works (meaning, we’ve been talking about it…). Now is the perfect time to FINALLY move on it. So many couples are READY to grow and scale like never before. And we’re ready to help!

In episode 108 we’re taking you behind the scenes of building from SCRATCH and the mental exercises it requires to stay the course.

We’re also sharing how we use our differences as husband and wife to work FOR us rather than AGAINST us (like they used to!) 👀

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

P.s. Are you on our waiting list for the deets of our Live Event? If not, don’t MISS these crazy goods that we’re throwing in JUST for our crew (that’s you!) So hop on over and join the movement.