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Ep. 106: Annual Planning TOGETHER Builds Amazing!!

Sometimes, you gotta be good with WHAT works best for your family.​

It can be frustrating to try to fit into a mold that you were only made to break. 

This goes across the board…especially building legacy TOGETHER.

And sometimes it takes a few tries (or more than a few) to get it right.

But don’t allow the multiple attempts tell you that you’re on the wrong track…in fact, you’re likely closer than you’ve ever been before. 

Keep going. 

For example, we NOW do our annual planning for the next year in the Summer of the previous year, and it’s PERFECT for us right now. It didn’t start that way. We started doing them in the last quarter because we thought that’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to do…

Little did we know, this same thought-process of doing it like ‘them’ permeated in other parts of our lives and actually stifled our creativity. 

So, today, we’re sharing how we do OUR annual training together and how we’ve dodged headache-bullets by having it.

We also share why we do our annual planning in the Summer and the amazing benefits it brings for the rest of the year. It’s pretty transformative how it plays out!

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Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

Question: Do you ever find yourselves doing something a certain way because that’s how ‘they do it? We’d love to hear! Hit ‘comment’ to share!