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Ep. 104: Influencer Interview Series with Jamie and Nathan Cross

If you’ve been following us for a bit, you know we are all about sharing strategies, skills and STORIES that can be the answer to the thing you’ve been praying for!

Speak of praying…

We’re gonna share an amazing story about our new friends. (We have the same business coach and were able to connect during a business training in Denver last month).

Jaime and her husband Nathan  knew it was time for a shift in their lives when they found themselves struggling all while knowing they were called to so much more! She was desperate and prayed to God for an answer to have more fulfillment, impact and income. 

God answered her!

He gave her a BILLION DOLLAR business blueprint in a DREAM.

The business started with soap ya’ll… SOAP!

Since then,they’ve worked hard to lay the foundation, and  their company is on its way to an 8 figure business and quickly scaling into the vision she saw in her dream.

In Episode #104 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast, you’re going to get the GOLD out of our convo with Jaime and her husband Nathan. You DON’T want to sleep on this…it’s sooo good (we’ve already listened to it like 3 times…as if we weren’t the ones doing the interview. LOL)

In fact, the beauty of their story is how they incorporate their roles and give each other space to ‘fly’ as Nathan put it. 

They also share how they work in the business together, the importance of hiring help around the house and being properly aligned in marriage and business through Biblical principles…it’s 🔥🔥🔥

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

P.s. Are you two seeking a clear strategy and blueprint for building TOGETHER? Tired of spinning your wheels and investing in ‘opportunities’ to scale but only lead you back to Point 1?

If so, grab our free PDF download, The Marriedpreneur Map. It’s the framework we’ve created over the last 6 years of working together and building multiple revenue streams together. Strategy is KEY. Grab yours while it’s still available! 


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