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Ep. 103: The 3 Questions To Ask Each Other BEFORE Hiring

Something that we don’t talk about much is our rocky ‘hiring’ journey…it started off ROOOUGH ya’ll..

We started hiring help before we could even afford a full-time employee…

It started with just a few hours a week.

We’ve hired (and released) several people along the way. But each time, it got better and better and better. 

So, ‘No’ this is NOT our first time around the ‘Hiring Rodeo’ (is that even a thing?) LOL.

We’ve learned some COSTLY lessons when it comes to hiring, and one of them is around the convo we MUST have BEFORE we even LOOKING at hiring. 

That’s the juice we want to share with you today!

Also, in this episode, we share one HUGE mistake we made while growing our team (and how we’re fixing it…)

Plus, hear three of our favorite questions to ask each other in order to have the BEST pre-hire convo.

We are rooting for you as you implement higher more efficient systems and scale should you desire. 

Here’s to living powerfully in sync,

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