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Ep. 102: Influencer Interview Series with Millionaire Mentors Jack and Marshawn Daniels

O.L.: I don’t know if we officially announced this, so here it is.

Sway: Today we’re launching our Influencer Interview series for a pretty MAJOR media deal we’re about to release.

What does this mean for you?

O.L.: First, we will be bringing you even more insight from proven married entrepreneurs that will NO DOUBT help you two move the needle!

Sway: Maaaan, so TODAY we kick it off with our very good friends and Millionaire Mentors Jack and Marshawn Daniels! We’re talking all things marriage, marketplace and ministry! Their first million didn’t come UNTIL they started working TOGETHER!!

O.L.: Learn what they have to say about implementing roles and blending it all successfully!

Also, in this episode The Daniels are sharing what one of the BIGGEST requirements for them to work together is. It’s such a LOADED interview that we had to break it down into TWO parts but you can listen to  both parts TODAY!

Part 2 of this interview is a continuation of the golden nuggets Jack and Marshawn DROPPED on us! 

In part two we dive in deeper on how they implement their  Wealth Roles, what ministry looks like to them, and a crazy run down of a strategic LIGHTNING round!

You’re bound to have a BALL and take away some PRACTICAL advice to apply as you two continue to build your legacy!

Here’s to living profitably in peace.