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Ep. 101: Playing at a Higher Level is INTENTIONAL!

So, can we be transparent for a moment?

Sway: There was a time that I consistently doubted if we were going in the right direction by working together.

OL: Doubting our direction wasn’t a big thing for me, but I DID struggle with doubting the LEVEL that we were called to PLAY on.

Sway: Yeah, I totally get that part too. But something seriously changed along the way with my mindset. There were mini confirmationations that reassured our steps. Spending the last few days in Denver with  Russell Brunson teaching us EVERYTHING from scratch was yet another milestone for me. 

OL: Yeah, it was a huge milestone in the Mile High City. If you are doubting your call to play at a HIGHER level, and let me say, you may not CALL it that, but if you’ve ever questioned yourself, take a listen to episode 101 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast. 

Sway: We’re sharing one of the EASIEST signs that confirm you two are on the right path and will transform your mindset. Many overlook this sign when it’s staring at them in the face..don’t let that be you guys. Instead get the fuel you need to play HIGHER. The world is waiting on YOU!

Also in this episode, we share the first time that we made this mindset shift (and how it changed everything for us).

Plus, hear why we continue to look at things this way even though it made us feel a bit vulnerable more than a few times.

Here’s to living powerfully in purpose and in profit,

P.s. If you are wanting to know the best way to get started playing on a higher level, grab our Marriedpreneur Map free download here. You’ll see the exact steps needed to implement your behind-the-scenes systems as well as a blueprint to scale!