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Does Being Married Make You A Smarter Entrepreneur?

We’ve all heard the old adage that two heads are better than one.

We know this is true especially when it comes to making smart decisions.

Entrepreneurs often feel split when it comes to managing people and processes because, let’s face it, sometimes we have to be stern and other times ‘not so stern.’

It can be difficult mode shift on people when circumstances call for it.  Wearing many hats and displaying multi-facets of your personality are challenging.

This points us to the question-Does being married make you a smarter entrepreneur?  Or, at the very least appear smarter?

Married entrepreneurs get to practice some amazing best practices on a daily basis.

Here a few key advantages we’ve experienced:

➡️Married entrepreneurs get to talk out and through ideas with total transparency and unrestrained honesty. (in most cases)

➡️Married entrepreneurs are accustomed to constantly thinking through scenarios and how they will impact each other (and others). This leads to high-quality troubleshooting.

➡️Married entrepreneurs can create higher profit margins because they leverage TWO  perspectives and TWO skill sets per project (when working together especially).

It’s true that married entrepreneurs have a lot more at stake in general.  However, there’s a unique joy that comes from sharing your highs and lows with someone who has your best interest and will support you through every twist and turn.

Married entrepreneurs may appear smarter because they’ve already ‘brainstormed’ before the official brainstorming meeting…lol

Cheers to being married and supporting one another!

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