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Ep. 21: Daily Meetings In Under 10 min

We used to HATE having meetings because it felt like a waste of time! After being frustrated with our long drawn out process, we knew that we needed a clear vision. We talked through what we wanted the meetings to look like and challenged ourselves to get it done.. it worked! Once we started getting more clarity about what we were doing and HOW we were to go about doing it, we looked FORWARD to our meetings because we NEEDED them to give us structure, accountability and speed! If you and/or your spouse are having issues with meeting regularly or meeting TOO long…then check this episode of the Marriedpreneurlife podcast out! We’re sharing our DAILY Start-up Meet up routine that has LITERALLY changed how we get things done. If you think you two are already productive, just add this hack to your day and up level your effectiveness. Check it out here and let us know how it helps!

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