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Client Spotlight: Meet Team Jackson: From Stagnant To Scaling In 30 Days

Team Jackson

When we met Bily and Yoland Jackson, they were doing a coaching business together part-time. They were excellent at what they did but didn’t have the structure and business systems to scale their work.

They have a phenomenal story of overcoming great adversity individually and together. They had the skillset to bring transformation. In fact, they even had national visibility from a viral T.V. interview because of the amazing odds they overcame. However, they didn’t know how to turn that visibility into clients.

It was the lack of business savvy that was keeping them stagnant.

If you’re a marriedpreneur couple who can relate, keep reading and be inspired by their story!



Here’s how they went from stagnant to scaling:

    • They committed to learning the skills they were missing. The first was creating a proprietary process that walked their prospects through how they brought results.
    • Next, they sacrificed their time and resources to learn how to increase their price point. Their mindset had to be up-leveled to see the true value they brought to the table.
    •  They were consistent with keeping taking the right action each day (i.e., sales, follow-ups, adding value, rest, etc.)
    • They used the platform they had and re-launched their services with their new messaging and up-leveled pricing.


In a short time, they were able to have a several thousand-dollar launch on a part-time basis. The thing about the growth process is that you continue gradually growing from where you start once you become profitable.



We wanted to share their story because if you’re doubting your call in business because of a lack of growth, it may not be your service or product; you may need a strategy that works. If you’re a marriedpreneur couple that wants this kind of result, we invite you to join our upcoming Q3 Marriedpreneur Legacy Meeting training to get a clear strategy for your next steps. Learn more here.

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

We’re rootin’ for you!