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Client Spotlight: Learn How Clarity Brought Increase For The Eskridges

Terrance and Shawnee are couple-preneurs AND spousal-preneurs at the same time. That means they work in one business together, and the other business is run by only one spouse (Shawnee).

When they first had a strategy call with usthey struggled to gain business momentum and were unclear about what they were doing wrong.

The business they were building together was for other couples with a spouse or child on the autism spectrum. They are a product of their product and have created systems for other families with the same learning differences.

It is pretty fascinating to have such a great resource!

The other business they operate is a Christian-based counseling service, as Shawnee is a licensed therapist and trainer for families with children on the spectrum.

They came to us because they needed help!

Their main goal was to increase their income.

But to increase their income, they needed to uplevel their clarity. 

Our first instruction was to prioritize their focus until they gained enough traction to add a new focus. When they started with the LHF rule (lowest hanging fruit), the clarity brought tears to Shawnee’s eyes.

She didn’t realize how unclear she was until the fog left. 

Suddenly, their messaging was more apparent, and their monetizable market was clearer.

It was a game-changer for them!

If you’re struggling with gaining momentum, but you’re constantly doing ALL the things, pause and get clarity first. Busy work doesn’t produce sustainable increased profitability.

Only strategic work does that.


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We’re rootin’ for you!