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Client Spotlight: From Passion To Profit, Meet Aarron & Catherine

When we met Aarron and Catherine earlier this year, they were launching a social-impact business and preparing for marriage.

The couple is uniquely gifted with specific experiences and skill sets that fit together like a puzzle but lacked strategy. 

Aarrons’s upbringing on the streets of inner-city Detroit gave him a perspective that Catherine hadn’t experienced. His passion for bringing entrepreneurial skills to young men in his home city is what drives him.

Catherine’s new understanding piqued a desire to support and put her enterprising skills to work. Aarron is a natural go-getter and people-person, while Catherine is a detailed, connecting-the-dots kind of person.

📌 Both skill sets are needed to succeed. 

When we met them, they were running programs in the community for free while using their insurance jobs to foot the bill- they had little direction on how to monetize it. When they hired us to consult them, we immediately shared how they could garner sponsors to partner with them.



After following our process, they landed their first corporate sponsor and are in a position to lock in even more.

Here’s what worked for them:

✅ Persistence: They continued following the process even when they weren’t fully aware of the pieces. When we met, they were already in action; they just needed to keep going and add a money strategy.

✅ Coachability: We helped them implement processes they didn’t know existed. They did not resist the changes but embraced them quickly, so they saw quick results!

✅ Fearlessness: They did not fear taking a different approach and pitching their service at the price that made the most sense. We started with numbers that made them feel like a win vs. how much they thought they could ask for.

These points have served them tremendously over the past 60 days and transformed their business and lives!


Lastly, Celebrate the baby steps!

If you’re a marriedpreneur seeking support to implement structure into your business strategy, schedule a marriedpreneur success-mapping call here.

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

We’re rootin’ for you!