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Client Spotlight: Be Inspired! Meet The Robinsons: From Hobby To Multiple Revenue Streams!

It’s easy to become fulfilled by doing what you love so much to the point where you undercharge for it.


In the case of Ty and Cody Robinson, though, they weren’t charging at all. They were coaching couples as a ministry and a way of giving back-they needed to figure out how to start charging.


One of our core values is everything we do in business is as unto the Lord, so it is still a ministry and still helping couples-even when charging a fee. When doing business, charging a premium for premium work is right and expected in the marketplace. (More on that in another article)


When Ty and Cody, a blended family, came to us, they didn’t know how to begin streamlining their message and monetizing their services. (these both go hand in hand).


We immediately worked on their messaging and market and niched it down to them serving other blended families since that was their sweet spot.


Then, we taught them how to create their proprietary processes that helped blended families get results in building peacefully together. It was only a short time before they started landing paying clients with their up-leveled messaging and clarity.


But that’s only the beginning!


Ty and Cody wanted their message to reach more people for a more significant impact, so they created a relationship app to help do that. Before they knew it, they had over 20,000 subscribers and growing. Since then, we’ve helped them secure corporate and media sponsors.


This is a great story to see how one idea, when coupled with the right strategy and execution, can create multiple revenue streams.


If you and your spouse are building your business and are seeking the following steps to create additional revenue streams inside of your business, we can help! Be our next success story and schedule a success-mapping call with us today. 


Lastly, Celebrate the baby steps!

If you’re a marriedpreneur seeking support to implement structure into your business strategy, schedule a marriedpreneur success-mapping call here.

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

We’re rootin’ for you!