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Celebrating 14 Years! 14 Lessons From Our Marriedpreneur Journey

Today, we celebrate 14 amazing (not to be confused with perfect) years of holy matrimony.

The sweetest part yet has been the journey- it’s always been the prize for us.

We were friends for ten years before we leaped into marriage.

One would think we knew all we needed to know then.

Yes and No. 

Yes, we knew all we needed to know to be sure we chose each other (and still do).



Team Jasper

But No, in that we are not the same people we were back then.

If you’re on this marriedprenuer journey and need a

fast-track’ learning hack, lean into these lessons.

Here are 14 of them:

  1. We can’t assume we know each other in every season; life has a way of changing us and re-defining our focus. Stay curious about each other.
  2. The more opposite we are, the better! We truly are better together.
  3. The rub or ‘friction’ of marriage will either make you rely on God more or your pride. Choose God every time.
  4. The more equipped we become to handle conflict, the better we understand ourselves and the faster we get through it. Invest in your marriage.
  5. We did not marry each other to marry ourselves. So, the sooner we stop trying to remake our spouse, the better.
  6. Humility always wins. Pride always loses. Step away and choose humility.
  7. The more you create fun experiences, the more you have to pull fromin hard times.
  8. Plan marriage over business every time. It’s a legacy mindset.
  9. Be intentional about checking in on each other’s changes as well as speaking up as you’re changing as an individual and entrepreneur. Grow together, not apart.
  10. Design a shutdown routine from work to be fully present for each other afterward.
  11. Hold each other accountable to be the best version of yourself without holding faults over each other’s heads.
  12. Be a safe space and a stretcher for each other simultaneously (not a stressor).
  13. Encourage each other more than anyone else. Because your words hold more weight than anyone else.
  14. Trust God through disappointments together. He is the glue.


Lastly, Celebrate the baby steps!

We could go on, but these 14 lessons have taken us years to understand and implement. Hopefully, by implementing one at a time, you can learn the lessons faster than we did. If you’re a married couple seeking to grow in these areas, grab our free marriedpreneur meeting checklist here.

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,

We’re rootin’ for you!