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Building A Business With Your Spouse? (Or Plan To?) Do This Daily


Marriedpreneurs build a unique legacy. We are committed to not only building a life together but an enterprise together.


(Quick note: Even if only one spouse is in business, you’re still marriedpreneurs). But here’s the issue, many couples underestimate what’s truly required to win in both (without sacrificing either).


With a 23-year friendship and 13-year marriage (10 of which have been in business together and are currently headquartered in New Jersey), we’ve learned a thing or two on this crazy journey.


One of the first observations was whenever we were on the ‘same page,’ clear on our zones of genius, and aligned with our marriedpreneur vision, nothing could stop us. The level of ‘oneness’ was unmatched.


But getting to that sweet spot (and locking in) was often a problem. We didn’t have a real system to get us and keep us there.


In fact, we started investing in marriage counseling (and still do), but it didn’t help us build a business together. So we invested in business coaching (and still do that, too), but it didn’t teach us how to prioritize our marriage.


So, we knew we had to create something that would help us win at both: marriage and business.

We started with this simple tool: a daily legacy meeting. 

Today that daily legacy meeting has become the foundation of the Marriedpreneur Operating Systems (which includes a suite of strategic business planning tools for the year).


Our daily legacy meetings have been the glue for us in both good and hard seasons.


Today they take approximately 10-15 minutes (when we come prepared and focused). But that’s not the sweetest part; here’s how our legacy meetings do the heavy lifting.


  1. COMMUNICATION: Communication is good, but over-communication is best. Assuming can be costly-so expressing what may be known already is key. Consistent communication positions couples to stay on the same page and creates a perfect recipe for clarity.

  2. CASH FLOW: We like to call this being RGA- Focused (Revenue-Generating-Activities). The ‘meat’ of our legacy meeting is sharing our daily top 3 wins/priorities (everything else on the to-do list is an honorable mention). One or more of the top 3 wins are associated with profitability for the day.

  3. CONFIDENCE (through Accountability): Something incredible happens when you have this level of clarity each day together. When you top it with accountability from ‘calling your shot’ out loud with your spouse, it skyrockets the likelihood of success.


It’s not always easy to follow through on this practice, but it is simple.