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Becoming A Better Leader: Three Keys For Married Entrepreneurs

Type the word ‘Leadership’ in google 💻 and watch how many different titles pop up. There’s no shortage of perspectives on this topic.

I cannot think of another subject that has been written📖 about more broadly and extensively than leadership. If we espouse the essence of leadership as the world’s foremost author and trainer on the subject would define it,than leadership at its core is influence.

What we as married entrepreneurs doing with our influence? How are we leveraging it to work in harmony with our spouse while using to grow our business?

I’m convinced that more often than not, we’re so engrossed with working in the business that we’re working nearly enough on the business. Moreover, not working enough on growing and developing our leadership ability.

It’s not enough to be infatuated with or romanticize the idea of leadership. Married entrepreneurs have prioritized our development in this critical area.

Leadership is absolutely about being effective. However, great leadership is also about building up others to become their absolute best. Beginning with our spouse.

I’m convinced that great leaders are not intimidated by the talents and gifts that others possess. In fact, a great leader will learn and draw from the talents and gifts of those around them. Beginning with our spouse.

Here are three primary ways to increase your leadership capacity and that of your spouse.

➡️PRIORITIZE LEARNING: Good leaders don’t become great leaders by thinking about or buying a few books from Amazon. The path to get better in our leadership is paved with intentionality, learning the principles of those who are doing it well and applying learned principles every day in your business and marriage.

➡️DON’T TOLERATE EXCUSES: Now you’d think this would go without saying but no. Too many married entrepreneurs give way for excuses. Sadly, the more we tolerate excuses the more excuses we make and nothing will hinder our success and cause us to lose credibility with our spouse and customers alike more than excuses. Great leaders manage expectations and have contingencies.

➡️INVEST IN SELF AND YOUR TEAM: It takes knowledge and experience to get better at anything. This is especially true when it comes to both business and marriage. As you make learning a priority make sure that you and your spouse are learning together. This will convey your desire to the team (even if it’s just the two of you for now) grow. By doing this you’re sending the message of ‘Hey, I believe in you and I want to see us get better.’ Ultimately, this will foster a team culture and one of accountability.

Sway and I have prioritized learning together and we challenge one another daily. Also, this culture of becoming better leaders transfers to our team members and sends an influential message to our clients that we take them seriously. Great leaders/married entrepreneurs take the marriage and business serious.


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