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Attn Husbands: Winning Is A Team Sport


If you’ve played organized sports at any level, you understand the importance of preparation. This is especially true in team sports. Different people with differing skill sets work together to achieve one united outcome.

Imagine a team of talented individuals who rarely came together to organize their efforts–it would be painful to watch.

They would not be working together in alignment. Moreover, they would be miserable as teammates.

Marriedpreneurs are a team. As husbands, we must apply the wisdom of getting ahead of the upcoming week by talking, thinking, and making decisions together about what a successful week looks like.

For married entrepreneurs, this would be no different. The two of you are working together to achieve an ultimate goal that helps build your legacy.

I’ve discovered three essential aspects of a winning team to help the Marriedpreneur husband.

➡️ Take instant action: When I first started playing organized sports, one of my coaches said, “O.L., you’ve got to be decisive with the ball!” In other words, he was saying that my hesitation hurt my efforts.

Brothers, when it comes to implementing a strategic game plan (and huddling) with the team to determine how we will win the week. Delaying to meet with your wife to strategize means you likely won’t meet at all. Teams that don’t meet don’t win.

➡️ Devise a realistic gameplan: Back in my track and field days (I was a sprinter), our relay team would decide, based on other races we were running and when, who would be best suited to run 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th leg.

The Marriedpreneur life looks different week-to-week. That means we (husbands) would serve our spouses well by honestly assessing the upcoming week.

Leadership determines the priorities and their rank. Overcommitting overwhelms everybody.

➡️ Remind yourself what a win looks like: I wrestled through high school. Wrestling is a highly mental sport. Even though you compete individually in distinct weight classes, you accumulate team points. Individual goals impact team goals. Sometimes you may place 2nd, and one of your teammates may place 1st, each in their weight class.

In short, individual points factor in for the overall team. This means there are times you may or your wife may have an off week. So what. Remind each other what a win looks like.

These three keys have been pivotal for our growth, so we wanted to share them with you as you kick off the week!



The most crucial step is to TAKE INSTANT ACTION. Start with your strategic ‘gameplan’ meeting and then execute. If you two need help implementing an effective game plan, we can helpJoin our free training here. 

We’re rootin’ for you!