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Ep. 93: Buying Followers vs. Buying Ads

I know we don’t like to talk about it much because, well, bruised toes will be the outcome BUT if we’re totally transparent, we MUST confront the ‘buying-followers elephant. 👀

I recall scrolling through IG one day and saw a ‘friend’ all-of-a-sudden skyrocket to tens of thousands of followers

But just the week before, the account was barely opened.

We get it.

Growing can be grueling.

It seems the faster way is the right way…and sometimes it is.

Some would argue that if you buy ads, you might as well buy followers.
Well, we have A LOT to say about that in episode 93 of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you won’t see us buying followers, but you’ll absolutely see our ads sooner or later.
  • The lifelong GOLDEN lesson learned ONLY by working for your followers
  • What we told our clients when they decided to not ‘technically’ buy followers but hire someone to grow their account. 

It’s gonna be interesting to hear your experience and thoughts of buying followers (maybe you have and you can speak from that perspective…)

Either way, we knew this was something that should absolutely be confronted when we started having more convos about it with our clients- not to mention we are hit up in our inbox.

We believe in you two and are rooting for you!

OL and Sway

P.S. If you  haven’t downloaded our free Marriedpreneur Map training that puts all the building steps in a single blueprint, grab yours HERE

P.P.S Not an iTunes user, take a listen over