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Ep. 77: Marriedpreneur Night Routines – Turning It Off…

There’s a popular lie that’s been floating around for generations.

We’ve all heard the statement ‘it’s not how you start but how you finish.’

That’s only half true.  

Unfortunately, too many married entrepreneurs often struggle not just with starting their days off productively but also finishing them strong too.

The idea that finishing strong means doing one more task will somehow bring added satisfaction is seriously flawed.  Sway and I have learned the importance of finishing strong even if there are more things we want to complete.

That’s tough, and the temptation to drive ourselves into the ground with work is always present!

In episode 77 of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, we’re uncovering the truth about how to have an uber, productive day and finish strong- even when there’s more stuff to do.

Here’s a few highlights from episode 77…

  • What if I can’t shut my brain off?
  • Is it important that the two of us share a wind down together?

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Live Powerfully In Sync,

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