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7 Things You two Need More Than Money

No doubt, it takes money to help you accomplish all that you’ve been called to do.

As entrepreneurs, we eat, sleep and breath our ideas and can see the end from the beginning.

That’s because we’re visionaries!

Imagine if money were no issue…  Immediately you would know exactly what to do, what to buy, and how to get things done.  

Truth is, money is not the issue.  


Many entrepreneurs have started with less than what the two of you currently have.  

Your ability to launch an amazing idea(s) and attain success comes down to 7 Money Mindset Ingredients.

    • Financial Honesty- Talk soberly and bluntly about where you two as a family currently stand financially.


    • Financial Values- Discuss with each other and determine what will be your financial core values.  This is the time to establish your Do’s and Don’t for the money.  Spend as much time on this step as necessary.  Be mindful to provide rationale for your reasons why you do and why you don’t want to do a particular thing when it comes to money management.


    • Financial Game Plan- Examine, discuss, and devise a  prudent game plan for your resources. Include everything ranging from your expenses, current income, debt obligations, and investments. The goal should be to minimize debt and judiciously invest into your development as entrepreneurs.


    • Financial Roles- Discuss and decide who will play which role.  Who enjoys paying the bills, taking the lead on managing the budget, checking the account daily and balancing the accounts.  Either way, both of you should have a solid grasp on what goes in and what comes out each week or month.


    • Financial Review- Frequency is the name of the game.  Meet often, meet regularly.  Profitability is built on awareness.


    • Financial Revisit- Don’t assume that you two will achieve your financial goals just because you have them.  Often times, things change while you two are in the process of building the business. So, make it a point to analyze where you stand and how far you have come.


  • Financial Resilience- Keep your vision visible and make sure you have your goals in front of you daily.  Reaffirm your commitment to one another and to your mission and vision for your family.  Weigh every decision and opportunity against your goals don’t let up until you two have hit the targets.


Best to you two!

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