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6 Daily Time-Saving Routines For Marriedpreneurs


Marriedpreneurs are a unique type of legacy builders.

For starters, we’ve vowed to love and cherish each other until our last breath. That’s not a small thing. On TOP of that, we’ve added running a business to the mix.

In short, there’s no easy way to bypass the hurdles. A significant amount of effort is required to keep all of the ‘balls in the air’ (or at least have the insight to know which ones are O.K. to let fall to the ground).

It can be a lot. We understand this and are bringing actionable steps to support the heavy lifting required.

One of the most powerful practices that have seriously impacted us to execute at a high level in marriage and business is freeing-up ‘brain space’ (daily). We do this by automating repetitive tasks into a simple ‘muscle-memory’ rhythm that doesn’t take up much ‘space.’

We start by dividing the day into 6 phases and implementing a straightforward routine for each phase that optimizes our daily output. What can be accomplished when there’s a clear process to get it done is incredible.

Below are the 6 primary daily routines/rituals we use to create boundaries, accountability and results. When we skip one, it shows…



  1. ☀️Morning Routine: This varies by person, but it’s virtually the first thing you must do in the morning to set yourself (and your spouse) up for success. i.e., for us, it’s prayer, meditation, workout, breakfast, etc. This usually starts before the Jersey traffic is up, so it’s nice and quiet.
  2. 💎 Daily Legacy Meeting Routine: We use this quick meeting to discuss our focus for the day in the form of our 3 wins (priorities) constructed from our annual legacy plan.
  3. 👟 Start-up Routine: When you’re working from home, especially like us, this routine is the ‘line in the sand’ that says it’s ‘go time.’ etc. check-emails, review the schedule for the day focusing on revenue-generating activities, etc.
  4. 📅 Work Routine: This is when we do a deep dive and execute the top 3 Wins (priorities) scheduled for the day, then head to the honorable mentions on the list once done. We also notice what kind of breaks are needed in between to remain focused.
  5. 💻 Shut Down Routine: This is how we distinguish between the work day and the rest of the day. We have essential items that are done to make it an ‘official’ close down each day. (i.e., change of environment, literally closing the laptop, listing for the next day,  sending out last emails for the day, etc.)
  6. 🌙 End of Day Routine:  This is all about how we want to wrap up our day. It can vary some. (dinner with family, reading a chapter in a book, a luxurious bubble bath, etc.). Once you set it in place, then you’ll make room for it.

Real quick, if you think this isn’t possible, it won’t be. Instead, ask yourself, HOW can this be possible? 

We’d recommend starting with one routine at a time and adding the others as you progress. It will be a bit shaky, keep going anyway.

Routines are ultimately a manifestation of our disciple. A little at a time goes a long way.



These systems will set you up to make more room in your day. If you’re ready for high-level systems that scale your business and streamline your business, download our free Marriedpreneur Operating Systems Checklist HERE.



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