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5 Steps To Work/Life Balance While In A 9-5 As Marriedpreneurs

From juggling hats with emails, client care, billing, payroll, quality control, and home life, is there such a thing as ‘work/life balance’? This is even more challenging if one or both spouses work 9-5 and build a business.

It’s no wonder many marriedpreneur couples give up before reaching their goal.

For starters, we exchange the word ‘balance’ for ‘blend’ because balance is often realistic. Blending isn’t about being 50/50 but about being aware of today’s fluctuating needs.

Here are a few practical ways to win this week.



  1. Shift your expectations: Be clear about where you are getting your expectations from. Is it from your I.G. feed of everyone seeming to ‘effortlessly win’ at everything, or do you have a coach/mentor who has shared realistic goals based on your capacity?
  2. Work in increments. When you have so many hats, it’s best to keep protected times in smaller increments because it’s likely more realistic. Instead of trying to do a deep dive, know that consistent small steps are just as powerful as large ones.
  3. Schedule what matters most: One of our sayings in our home is that if it isn’t scheduled, it’s not serious. That shifts the perspective for us. We work to do this daily with our three wins and some honorable mentions on the list. When we can set aside protected time to get them done, we know it’s more likely than not a reality.
  4. Delegate!: We can only go SO far on our own. The sooner you strategically delegate, the sooner the burden lifts. Strategic delegation understands what the ROI will be from outsourcing tasks. If you can’t name it, get clear first. (Sometimes it’s momentary, sometimes time-freedom, but be clear on what it’s for.)
  5. Built-In Accountability: The beautiful thing about this marriedpreneur journey is that you have a purpose partner in your spouse. Determine what the daily goals are and share them. By just sharing the goal, you increase the likelihood of accomplishing it. Plus, you know you will be asked about it, so there’s that.

These practical, actionable steps have helped us stay sane during transitioning from 9-5 to full-time marriedpreneuers. We trust they will do the same for you!



Time management is an important tool for entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business while holding down a full-time day job. The question is, is time management sufficient?
There are not enough hours in the day and you may even feel overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated. But there ARE actions you can take to manage your business with your spouse more efficiently, so you guys can focus on your business and achieve greater success with less stress.
That’s why we are here! In this episode, we will guide you through the 10 tips to gain momentum in your business when your time and energy are strapped due to a  demanding nine-to-five job.

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync!

We’re rootin’ for you!