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5 Steps To Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

Do You Ever Find It Hard To Overcome A Mistake?

Do you come down too hard on yourself?

Are you the kind of person that he puts undur pressure on yourself to perform?

Here are three personality traits of a person who struggles with overcoming mistakes in a healthy time frame.

Hypersensitivity: In a few words can be defined as severe emotional fragility.

Defensive disposition: This comes from a pattern of not appropriating correction or critique as a child. Also, someone who grew up dealing with ridiculously high expectations and never being able to satisfy a parent or guardian from which they sought validation.

Perfectionism: This goes beyond having a “spirit of excellence” pertaining to your work. This is more of an obsession to be flawless in order to avoid criticism. Also trying to have a sense of self-worth from achievement.

Here are 5 Clear Steps To Stop Being So Dang Hard On Yourself…

1. Acknowledgment (Identity): Remember that you’ve been created with purpose and for a purpose. Mistakes are built into the process of getting better. In short, get over it. Literally, get over it.

2. Remembrance: Reflect on just how far you’ve come in life. I’m sure there were mistakes that you’ve learned from to propel you to this point. Always remember your progress.

3. Refocus: Step away and from the situation and revisit the BIGGER PICTURE.

4. Destroy shame: Shame is a lie that screams like a prosecutor in the courtroom, saying that whatever we did is beyond repair. I hate shame because it creeps in right after we’ve made the decision to return to a place of peace. NEVER rehearse the offense/mistake in your mind. Whatever we think about most in minds grows large in our hearts.

5. Confession: When you make a mistake ask for forgiveness and do it with humility and grace. I say humility because a person who has a defensive disposition also carries with them a degree of pride. In fact, this is what makes the perceived fall from grace seem insurmountable. They usually think their image has been tarnished as though they were perfect before. Again, take ownership and be gracious even with yourself.


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