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5 Smokey Legend Lessons: Date Night Edition

We went on an impromptu date to see the legendary 83 years YOUNG Smokey Robinson at New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

The evening was one to remember! We had a great time but also walked away with significant life lessons that apply to marriage and business. We’ll share our top 5 lessons with you below.

5 Smokey Legend Lessons

1️⃣ Consistency Accumulates: Think of how he has used his gifts over the last seven decades. There was plenty of material to pull from. Consistency increases expertise, savvy, leadership, and insight- all of which we can use more. Likewise, we only improve as marriedpreneurs continue growing and applying our skills. Consistency always accumulates.

2️⃣ Excellence Builds Endurance: Many tend to taper off once they get to a certain skill level. But Mr. Smokey Robinson has continued pushing the envelope of his abilities. At 83 years old, he can do it with ease. The only reason it looks easy for him is that he’s been doing it excellently for so long. As marriedpreneurs, we must know we are building a legacy of excellence that will pay off. Like Smokey Robinson, we’re here for the long game.

3️⃣ Giftedness Always Needs New Goals: When we operate in our gifts, over time, accolades will accumulate, and no doubt he has done just that when you consider how extensive his catalog is. He debuted songs from his new album (in Spanish). He gave himself a new goal to learn Spanish, and for the first time publicly, he performed it… in Spanish! He added a new goal even at this stage and season of life. Giftedness always needs new goals. As marriedpreneurs, we should also learn about our plans and new ideas to keep things fresh and exciting.

4️⃣ Rhythm Must Be Established: You knew what time it was from the moment he walked on stage. He was confident and settled even in the flow. When you think about how long Mr. Robinson has been in the business and how many different projects he’s worked on, you’d realize how vast his musical knowledge and insight are. The band sounded like they’d been together for years, including the strings from the New Jersey Symphony that they had worked together for years. We know it was from years of practice and repetition. Likewise, as marriedpeneurs, we too must establish our rhythm as assuming will only get us off beat. Check out the video below we did documenting our time.

5️⃣ Play and Be Productive: Professionals know how to play and remain productive because of their skill and smooth systems. Mr. Robinson and his band had a BLAST on stage. The beautiful thing that happens when systems meet skill is that it affords excellent opportunities for play. Likewise, we marriedpreneurs have the most fun when we have the time-freedom to play because we have high-level systems.

These are just a few of our takeaways from our impromptu date night. If you’re missing out on date nights, make them a priority. (Note: you don’t have to go to a concert for a memorable time). Put systems like a dream workweek and legacy meetings in place. They will transform your life.


If you’re a marriedpreneur seeking to implement high-level systems and strategy into your business to free over 20 hours of work a week, apply to work with our team here.

We’re rootin’ for you!