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5 Reasons Marriedpreneurs Should Complete A Role’s Assessment (INFOGRAPHIC)

In our pre-marital counseling, one of the sessions was about our expectations of each other. That was one of the most clarifying sessions because we were no longer assuming…

Even WITH that session, it was still challenging to gel our two worlds together in perfect sync…it’s still a progressive thing.
That requires work.

When you ADD running a business to the mix of the marriage, it adds substantially to the learning curve.
We never discussed our unique roles in business and how it would impact our marriage in our pre-marital sessions. It was never a thing even considered at the time.

You see, one of the fastest ways to get off the same page is to NOT have well-defined roles for the marriage AND the business.

When delegating roles, delicate strategy must be used so each role is in alignment with each person’s gifts. So, it’s a win/win!

If you two are needing to brush up on your roles in the business or even if you’ve never given it much thought, grab our free training download that includes our roles assessment and 4 other steps to balancing marriage and business > The5PillarProcess