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5 LSU Lessons With Angel Reese, For Marriedpreneurs


Even if you aren’t a hardcore college basketball fan, you’ve likely heard of the recent hype around LSU’s star player Angel Reese. Although we learned of her late in the basketball season, we watched this LSU firecracker light up the court from our New Jersey home.

You don’t have to know how the NCAA league playoffs work in order to respect the game. Over the years, we’ve learned how rich life lessons can be gleaned from virtually any current event and/or industry. The LSU championship wasn’t any different. Here are 5 LSU Lessons we’re applying to our marriedpreneur journey.

1️⃣ The Right Coach: Kim Mulkey wasn’t the first coach for the LSU Women’s Basketball team. Still, she was the right one to bring the team their historic national championship win. As marriedpreneurs, we should surround ourselves with the right group of coaches that will guide and support our future wins.

2️⃣ The Right Team: We all know that in basketball, although there may be star players, the star players can only win with the right support team. How much more for marriedpreneurs? Having the right support team to delegate to and ”bounce” ideas off of is critical for growth.

3️⃣ Authenticity: One of the things that made Angel Reese stand out to us is her confidence level in who she is. She doesn’t try to blend in with the status quo or shrink back to receive validation from naysayers. Likewise, as marriedpreneurs, we too much are confident in our authenticity brand, which separates us from everyone else in the industry. The more transparent we are on our brand messaging, the easier it will be for your market to hear you.

4️⃣ Switch It Up: Angel Reese initially played college basketball in Maryland. However, she knew she needed new surroundings to reach new levels of growth. Changing environments can shift the outcome for marriedpreneurs too, which can be applied to the daily workspace and the atmosphere created at home. When things get stale, switch it up. Keep it spicy.

5️⃣ Passion For The Game: It is evident that Kim Mulcahy and the LSU Women’s basketball team are on fire and love the game. As marriedpreneurs, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget why you are building your legacy. Protect your passion for ‘the game’ each day. Don’t forget your WHY.

We love to see others shining in their purpose. It’s inspiring, and it’s always rich in lessons. If you’re a marriedpreneur couple who needs support to improve in any of these four areas, it’s a good idea to revisit your business strategy.

The strategy is the blueprint for how you two will build your legacy and is often the foundation of your growth.


The most crucial step is to TAKE INSTANT ACTION. Start with your strategic ‘gameplan’ meeting and then execute.

If you two need help implementing an effective game plan, we can helpJoin our free training here. 


We’re rootin’ for you!