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The 2 Lies About The 2 Truths Of Marriage & Entrepreneurship

Although my wife and I have similarities, we are extremely different in other ways. Marriage has taught us that two people can be looking at the same thing and have two different viewpoints. Perspective also absolutely matters when it comes to marriage and business as well.  In fact, perspective matters when it comes to many things! 😆

One of the main benefits to marriage is that you have someone who loves you deeply and may have different take on a matter. This is a huge benefit in business. This gives you both an edge and advantage on many things in life.

When you have two people examining something it’s going allow you both to catch more of the flaws and thereby improve whatever it is you’re working on.  

There are plenty of articles on the internet about people’s horror stories of a tumultuous marriage from starting a business.  Many are simply speaking from their personal unique experiences. Emphasis on the word [unique]. Which in turn makes it kinda⚠️dangerous for any of us to make sweeping generalizations on marriage and entrepreneurship. There are two main falsehoods that caught eye while recently reading an article on marriage and business and how they two should never meet. Off the top, I knew I’d have to share our journey which is the exact opposite from the writer’s view.

🎯 TRUTH #1:  The statement that “one day it will all get better” was couched as being a lie. However, it CAN be absolutely true–if we’re willing make it true.  Within any day we can make a decision to change our attitude, heart and thoughts about a matter.  If you’re telling your spouse that it will get better one day-the only thing that will make it a lie is there’s no concrete decision accompanied by a tangible plan. Whenever we tell each other this statement- we mean it, we believe it and we WORK at it…together.

🎯 TRUTH #2:  The statement that “my spouse just doesn’t get it” is another misconception some married entrepreneurs have bought in to. This one is a bit twisted as well.  Your spouse doesn’t need to understand all the intricacies of our business in order to support you.  Sometimes we entrepreneurs immerse ourselves in echo chambers of like-minded/like-driven business owners and think that’s our only community of support.  This way of thinking will only alienate your husband or wife further. In fact, it can lead to a silo of depression or both of you. If anyone of us feels shut out (from the heart) of our spouse it’s recipe for disaster.  Keep your spouse in the know. One thing we do is to attend trainings together and we celebrate each other’s gifts and differences. The whole point is to enjoy the journey together!

Bottom line is communication is vital.  Transparency is critical.  Your spouse will be there through the mountain high and valley low experiences. They’re not just your partner, they actually want to see success just as bad as you do.  The deal is success has to be mutually defined.


These challenges are NOT new to us.  We’ve spent years walking out strategies to get and stay on the same page with our businesses. In fact, we’ve allocated a limited number of discovery calls to help married entrepreneurs scale the biz without sacrificing the marriage.



If you two would like to be considered for a strategy call with us, to learn how to implement systems around both of your strengths, communicate like best friends, and make more while doing it, book a free discovery call and make a decision to play as a team and WIN🏆