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4 Reasons To Have A Q2 Marriedpreneur Meeting

Our marriage counselor told us, “You two look very happy; I can feel it!”

Well, Amen, and thank God. BUT the following words we said were, ‘It takes woooork. We’ve been working!


Marriage + Business + Ministry NOT An Easy Path

WORK may look different for different couples. For us, it’s a matter of going through a thorough checklist (and prayer is at the top of that list) every day. Single. Quarter.

This is what we call our Quarterly Marriedprneuer Meeting. It focuses on four main areas:

Marriage goals and how the businesses can support those goals ( not strain them).

Reconnecting Emotionally: We aren’t the same two people we married. In fact, some things may change about our perspective in the last 90 days. This is a sacred time to share in a no-judgment space about our individual growth intimately. So we grow closer together, not apart.

Tweak and Track Business Goals: Stewardship is about properly handling what we have been given authority over. If you’re in business, that’s included too. Do we have the right team focused on the right efforts, where do we need support? Etc.

Wealth Roles Audit: As seasons change, wealth roles in/for the business will shift, too (even if only one spouse is in the industry). Support looks different in each season; sometimes, it’s on the home front; sometimes, it’s emotional, and sometimes it’s tactically in the business. It’s great to be proactive rather than find yourself frustrated from being reactive.

These Quarterly Marriedpreneur Meetings have transformed our marriage and business growth (but more importantly, how to trust God with it all!) We’re still at the start of Q2, and if you’re a marriedpreneur couple who needs to have a Q2 Marriedpreneur Meeting, there’s still time!



Next week we’ll be sharing step-by-step how we do our Quarterly Marriedpreneur meeting in our (free) Q2 Marriedpreneur Masterclass. If you need support, we’re here to help! There’s still time to grab your seat. Learn more here

We’re rootin’ for you!