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3 Things We Must Never Forget

There are many reasons to quit pursuing your vision.  There are many reasons to give up on your goals and simply let it all go.  That said, whatever reason you can come up with is not something great marriages and successful entrepreneurs haven’t faced.

We must be mindful to not allow “our reasons” to become another excuse.

You’ve heard it said by the determined that “failure is not an option.”  Actually, failure is always an option as long you have free will to make decisions.  Many people “choose” to fail all of the time.  They either decide something is too tough for their abilities or too risky for their already limited resources.  Most successful people tweak their strategy rather than quit.  

Here are FOUR DEMANDS success will require from both of you.

Demand: Discover who you were created be and challenge your perceived limitations.
Reason:  It would dishonor God and frustrate your existence to not reach the apex of your potential.  Encourage one another to never become complacent.

Demand: Never get to too comfortable, make assumptions and leave your future to Mere chance.
Reason:  Whatever you two allow and make your comfort zone will ultimately kill your hope.  No hope, no future.

Demand: Always have the desire to learn something new and continue sharpening your skills.
Reason: Your ability to go through life as a student will only enhance your capacity to lead.  Leadership is essential for both business and marriage.  It’s critical to that develop your leadership skills because talent will never be enough.

While building multiple successful businesses, we’ve learned how important it is to grow through frustration and challenges. There are no shortcuts to a healthy marriage or a successful business.  Resolve within yourself that you’ll be tenacious and embrace challenges and use them as opportunities for growth.


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