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3 Steps To Having A (Daily) Super Productive Meeting Together

For where YOU TWO are called to go, a higher level of systems is. a. MUST!

Meetings usually get a bad wrap because they’re often not as effective as they SHOULD be. (But they DON’T have to be loooong in order to be effective).

However, the MAJOR benefits of meeting with your spouse on a regular basis is p r i c e l e s s ! (and a solid meeting only takes 10 minutes or less! Seriously!)

When you two are consistent with meeting, you’ll experience:
✔️Less misunderstandings and friction (even when you disagree with each other)
✔️Clearer daily focus (so you know where your energy is REALLY needed vs. trying to put out every fire)
✔️More collaborative teamwork (ultimately, you’ll get things done faster and eliminate time wasters)
✔️Greater fulfillment (because achieving the little goals puts the bigger ones in arm’s reach)
✔️Increase profits (discussing your revenue generating activities for the day needs to be a staple in each meeting).

And the list goes on!

It took us a while to get our daily meeting routine on autopilot, however, most marriedpreneurs fall off the wagon because they get frustrated and expect this habit to form overnight.

They forget that WHENEVER you attempt to SHIFT into a higher level of purpose, there WILL be distractions!!
Be ready for them!
✔️Plan your meetings
✔️Prioritize your meetings
✔️Protect your meetings

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Side note: How often do you and your spouse meet to review your business goals? Is that a thing in your home?

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