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3 Signs Your Business Systems Suck As Marriedpreneurs- And How To Fix It

When it comes to up-leveling anything in life, it’s always easier said than done.

Did you know one can find comfort in inefficiency because of fear of change?

It’s true.

It’s kind of like being in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship for years. You stay because you know what you can expect. (which is the same reason for leaving) has this to say about change,

Most people are afraid of changing their routines because they have either had a tough time adapting or witnessed the difficulties others have had.

So, regardless of what this list exposes, just know it’s human nature to want to stay in our comfort zone. But, we PROMISE, if you can identify with any of these signs below, there is a better way for this marriedpreneur journey.

3 Signs That Your Business Systems Suck As Marriedpreneurs

(and how to fix ’em)


1) Lack of Date Nights: Date nights are an easy way to prioritize marriage. They shouldn’t be ‘work 2.0’. Solution: Implement a wind-down time and a no-work zone policy during your date.

This means focusing on the conversation around you two as the primary topic.

2) Constant Misunderstandings: With so many moving pieces to our lives, it’s easy to forget the main thing and get lost in the woods. Don’t let the frustration build distance between you two.

Solution: Implement quick daily legacy meetings to keep you two on the same page and in alignment with your Marriedpreneur Vision Statement

3) Little Capacity To Support Each Other: When pressure is high, emotions get tense. Capacity is capped, and supporting each other has dropped to the bottom of the list. Solution: Do a Time Study.


Tracking your activities for two weeks straight gives incredible insight into how time can be better used AND is a tool to plan how to find space to be more intentional in supporting one another.

These signs are relatable to couples in business if your systems are in bad shape. If that’s the case,

Learn How To Create Your 2024 Marriedpreneur Strategic Plan Together!

so you can finally build without the overwhelm…

Here’s to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync,