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3 Signs Of ‘Separate-Vision Syndrome’ & How To Fix It

As entrepreneurs we THRIVE in creating new solutions, having a greater impact all while making more money..but don’t underestimate the toxic lull of ‘drifting’ and separate visions in your marriage.

When juggling marriage+ business+ life (insert everything else on your plate here) drifting is subtle.

Drifting happens as a result of NOT intentionally growing and protecting your marriage (even from your business).

But listen, we get it.

Here are some of the common signs of drifting and how to fix it before it takes over.

If you two don’t have a written Marriedpreneur Vision, we’ve created a free template for you to set your business and marriage up to win! You can grab yours with the link >>>>>


Ep220 The 4 Part Pathway

On this episode of the Marriedpreneur life, we share nuggets from a coaching call we had earlier in the week that we think will really