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Three Major Obstacles Married Entrepreneurs Will Face When Trying To Level Up

The metal pedal of my dirt bike slipped off the chain, spun in reverse and took a chunk of skin off my leg as it slammed into my shin.  

That hurt like HECK!!

What really happened was I was trying to pedal up a very steep hill and failed to get the momentum needed scale the dirt hill.  

Adding insult to injury, I fell and got tangled up in the bike and mud while sliding back down.


Getting momentum is hard.  

Getting momentum in life is really hard.

It’s hard in marriage and Lord knows it’s hard in business.


My dirt bike and that hill made me realize how important strategy is for getting momentum to scale up another level.

So much was working against me.  

Forces like

  • Gravity
  • Dirt
  • low energy
  • and most of all my own ignorance

Yep, it was MOSTLY my own ignorance that worked against me.

As married entrepreneurs, if getting momentum were easy, we would turn it on like a switch.  

Am I right?

But we don’t because we all know it’s NOT that easy.  That’s why many marriedpreneurs succumb to even the slightest resistance.

Building a business that attracts your ideal market and allows you to serve them at a higher level will always bring resistance.  

The hidden challenges standing between where your business is and where you two want it be is just the like those elements I dealt with on trying to scale that steep hill.  I realized those natural challenges were symbolic of the kinds of challenges most married couples in business face:

  • Gravity = market challenges we don’t control but must overcome anyhow
  • Dirt = low level thinking from complacency and limiting beliefs
  • Low energy = frustration from multiple attempts of trying to scale w/o the right info

I recently told Sway about my bleeding and my nearly fractured leg and she just looked at me like…ew! sounds like it was nasty.    

I told her, yes and it hurt like HECK and the lingering soreness was annoying.

But I learned a small tweak that changed everything and helped me to scale that hill and defy the gravity, dirt, and low energy.  All I needed to do was refocus and start pedaling early and gain speed before I hit hill.  

I realized that the sooner I gained speed I would then have the momentum needed to scale the steep and dirty hill.  

It’s funny how God works because this principle is helping Sway and I right now to scale our current hill in our business.  We’ve recently come to a steep hill and the gravity (market challenges), dirt (limiting beliefs) and low energy (frustration from needing a strategy update) has been all too real.

What’s awesome is we figured out how to get momentum as we’re scaling to the next level.

After 9+ years of marriage (and nearly 20 years of working together) we totally get it…lol

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Here’s to creating momentum together,