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3 Keys That Can Either Boost or Bankrupt Your Business or Marriage

We’ve heard many entrepreneurs say “there’s no way I could work with my husband or wife all day.”  Let me just say that this is no time quote “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  

While there may some thread of truth in that statement, there’s a way to way have both peace in your marriage and productivity in your business.

We’ve narrowed it down to three keys that can boost or bankrupt your relationship and business.

1. Avoid using negative terms of absolute:

When make statements such as “you always or you never”, these statements cause deep emotional cuts that can incite anger and make the one you love shut down from the conversation. If your spouse shuts down in the relationship they will most likely shut down (cease to contribute their best) in the business as well. If we’re to be completely honest, in most cases, your spouse doesn’t ‘always’ anything.

Tip: Be fair and accurate in your statements about your spouse. This will promote healthy communication.

2. Meet daily:

When running a business with your spouse it’s nearly impossible to over communicate. When you meet for 10-15 min a day it keeps a healthy level of awareness and accountability. This will service you well as your business grows and you build your client base.

3. Establish boundaries for a no work zone:

Even though you two are business partners, you’re still married. They marriage needs boundaries that promote the exclusivity of your relationship. Yes, you must defend your marriage from the business as it’s easy to blur the lines. Blurred lines create confusion and will make your relationship dull and ultimately unfulfilling. This is not easy to do, especially if both you have a passion for business.


Best to you two!

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