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3 Intentional Ways To Invest In A Busy Marriage With Guest Tammy Franklin

Mr. Kirk and Tammy Franklin have led a marriage in front of the camera for decades.

With his busy tour life (NJPAC has been a frequent tour stop over the years), one may wonder how the Franklins manage to have such a legit healthy marriage.

It’s a valid question since we know how rampant divorce is, especially for those who lead a life in the limelight. But their story is different. It’s true, and it’s inspiring.

During a special Wifepreneur edition of The Marriedpreneur Life podcast, I was honored to sit down with Mrs. Tammy Franklin. She let us in on the secret to their nearly three decades of building their healthy marriage.

First, she emphasized the importance of investing in self-care to show up as your best self. In addition, she pointed out how critical it is to be self-aware of what you need as seasons change.

When we are in a state of exhaustion (like what tour season will do), rest equally as hard as the work put in. This season, she often travels with her husband on tour, but even then, she realizes when she needs to be still and rest to recharge.

Another area of self-care she shared is having good girlfriends. I’ve admired how she and a group of friends over ten-plus years have come together to pray and celebrate each other’s life’s milestones.

Mrs. Tammy explains the importance of having a safe group of friends to be in a community with. It adds to your marriage in the long run.

Speaking of marriage, her rich advice for investing in your union, even with a super demanding career, is this:

  1. Talk with each other about the state of your marriage and access where you are.
  2. Connect with other couples who have healthy marriages and learn from them
  3. Ask questions when needing support or wisdom on a situation.

Watch this clip below to hear more.

We hope this interview inspires you as much as it does us. It’s a great reminder to realize how much intentionality is needed to get in the flow of a healthy marriage when a business/ demanding career can easily take precedence.

One of the primary tools we use to scale our business without straining our marriage is our regular legacy meetings from The Marriedpreneur Operating Systems.

If this was helpful for you and you’d like to implement a system like this, we’ve created a free checklist for married entrepreneurs. You can grab yours here.



If you’re like us, growing up in church, you’ve likely heard about the Proverbs 31 woman. She just seems to have it ALL together. She has a solid marriage, flourishing businesses, and systems with support at home, and she walks in the peace of the Lord. She ain’t stressed and overwhelmed, drained and scatterbrained. All of that takes skill and discipline AND intentionality.

Intentional LIFE INVESTMENTS is what she does everyday. She is clear on her priorities in the moment at each moment. This is a skill I believe we’ll all be working to perfect until our last breath. It’s living fully and present in the moment each day.

This is exactly what we’re talking about today as we think about the Modern Proverbs 31 Woman and where she is today. Our very special guest is one who embodies intentional life investments so well! Her husband may be known for his countless Grammys as Mr. Kirk Franklin, but today, we get the chance to hear from his wife who is able to laugh at the future because she trusts the Lord.

Mrs. Tammy Franklin is genuine and full of wisdom!


Who is this episode for?

This podcast episode with Tammy Franklin is for the wives who are building families, building homes, building businesses and people, and you just don’t want to be overwhelmed by all that is required of you.  You need a better way.

S3 Ep34: Special Guest Tammy Franklin: The Prov 31 Woman’s Life Investments Edition

We’re rootin’ for you!