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OL & Sway Buckley are Co-Creators of and the hosts of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast where they help mission-minded marriedpreneurs create momentum in life and business.

The Buckleys are equipping couples with their proprietary processes to have accelerated productivity through the Marriedpreneur Method and increased profitability through the Marriedpreneur Map. Their primary purpose is to help married couples scale and create multiple revenue streams WITHOUT sacrificing their marriage (even if they don’t work in business together).

OL is a former internationally award-winning banker, turned entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of RO Strong Real Estate & Financial Education firm as well as the CEO of OL Buckley Consulting.

Sway is the CEO of a creative arts staffing firm as well as the founder of Smart Artist Institute Consulting. Together, the Buckleys collectively help align couples to walk purposefully, powerfully and profitably in sync.

The Buckley’s work has been featured in HuffPost, Southern Dallas Business & Living Magazine, CBS affiliates, BET and more. They’ve known each other for nearly 20 years and this year will make 11 years of marriage. They reside in New Jersey.